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MindEnergetix is the art and science of personal transformation, freeing clients to live their true self and empowering them to create profound, long lasting change...

MindEnergetix is the art and science of personal transformation, freeing clients to live their true self. The blending of hypnotic trance, energetic principles and higher consciousness empowers the client to transform what was perceived to be their pain into power or peace. It utilises a client's entire being and their 4 minds to assist them release whatever holds them back, empowering them to create profound, long lasting change.
At MindEnergetix Institute our intention is to create a network of well trained Clinical Hypnotherapists / MindEnergetix Practitioners who make a remarkable difference in the lives of others. Our approach is unique because we utilise the powerful modality of Hypnotherapy and blend it with energy and consciousness. Welcome to the home of MindEnergetix.

This powerful holistic modality, embracing all dimensions of human consciousness to transform lives and it brings deep fulfilment to our highly qualified practitioners.

Science and spirituality are finally coming back together, it is a significant time of awakening of humankind. Our views of the universe and our place in it are both shifting. In many ways we seem to be returning to a perspective of ancient wisdom embracing a different model of the human body that goes beyond medical and psychological science. It was encapsulated wonderfully, by Plato around 400 B.C…

“The greatest mistake in the treatment of disease is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated."

Fortunately science continually discovers or uncovers, so there is now evidence from Quantum Physics, that at the core of our being we are pure energetic consciousness. This breakthrough idea that continues to expand further and rock the scientific world fits wonderfully well with the core principles of MindEnergetix. We as Therapists access our own levels of consciousness and then assist our clients to do the same, we can empower them to change their vibration to create a life changing experience.

All our courses are both highly experiential and flexible for study in your own time. Our faculty are highly trained and successful clinical practitioners in their own businesses.

Please explore our site and we would love to share more of what we do with you.

Colleen Dooley

Founder, CEO & Creator of MindEnergetix

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MindEnergetix Institute is a Member Education Organisation of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.


The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) is the national peak body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia. The HCA provides a cohesive identity for the diversity of hypnotherapy methodologies and promotes their professional and ethical practice for the benefit of the community. For more details go to www.hypnotherapycouncilofaustralia.com


Congratulations to our latest graduates

We are proud to welcome our latest group of graduates, the first to receive a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of MindEnergetix and an Advanced Diploma of MindEnergetix, July 2018.


We are so proud of this group. As with all groups, their dedication, courage and determination has resulted in talented and heart centred therapists.

Here's what our Graduates say about doing the Diploma course...
Melanie Diploma Testimonial

Melanie was already a qualified clinical hypnotherapist who decided to do a whole new Diploma the MindEnergetix way!

Angela Diploma Testimonial

Angela was looking for a career change and having her own therapy business so that she could control her destiny and income.

What makes your courses different to hypnotherapy courses?

We teach consciousness and energy within our approach and our  “release mechanisms” are unique. A large percentage of our course is focused on the release of trauma. Our uniqueness is using a number of profound healing mechanisms that work and we know because they have been used with thousands of clients in our clinics with incredible results.  The reason they work well is our theory that everything is energy, once we accept that, we can shift it easily and naturally. The traditional model of hypnotherapy is as follows:

  • Conscious and subconscious mind only (limited to two of our four dimensions).

  • Many use Suggestion Therapy only in most cases, delivered by a script, some teach additional psychotherapy techniques in addition to Suggestion Therapy.

  • Within those schools who do teach age regression, many see revivification (re-visting/re-living) of an event provides release and so they teach students to de-sensitise the trauma whereas we fully connect to it in order to fully release it. We have found that clients need to reconnect to the energetic experience holding pain to gain more awareness around the wounding to permanently change an issue.

  • We are different because we utilise the trauma in order to release it. We empower the client to access their own deepest truth that in turn changes how the experience is perceived and therefore held now and in the future.

Experienced Hypnotherapists, traditionally trained  are amazed at the difference in MindEnergetix for permanent and powerful change.

The strengths of what we teach in a nutshell:

  • The MindEnergetix Philosophy – we are energy and we can access our 4 minds to heal and create, a is a great fit with an ever emerging Quantum world. Simply put, we work in a holistically with all that we are that is limitless.

  • The triangle model – so simple and so powerful covering the linkage between feelings and beliefs that most modalities miss doing completely.

  • Release mechanisms and techniques that let go of energy that has been holding people back, sometimes for decades.

  • The intention of the MindEnergetix Practitioner and the personal transformation that is achieved through the course.

  • We learn the techniques first hand by experiencing them as both practitioner and client.


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