Three Part Introduction to MindEnergetix

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We feel it is important to give you an understanding of our Institute, our philosophies and MindEnergetix as a modality so that you can make a more informed decision about this work and whether it aligns with you.

MindEnergetix is the art and science of personal transformation, freeing clients to live their true self. The blending of hypnotic trance, energetic principles and higher consciousness empowers the client to transform what was perceived to be their pain into power or peace. It utilises a client's entire being and their 4 minds to assist them release whatever holds them back, empowering them to create profound, long lasting change.  

Science and spirituality are finally coming together after separate journeys across the more recent history of humankind. Our views of the universe and our place in it are both shifting. In many ways we seem to be returning to a perspective of ancient wisdom embracing a different model of the human body that goes beyond medical and psychological science. It was encapsulated wonderfully, by Plato around 400 B.C…

“The greatest mistake in the treatment of disease is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated."   

Science is catching up thanks to quantum physics, and we now know that at the core of our being we are pure energetic consciousness. This breakthrough idea that continues to expand further and rock the scientific world fits wonderfully with the core principles of MindEnergetix. As therapists we access our own and then our client’s entire being while accessing all four of their minds to release their limiting beliefs and trapped energy. By doing this our client's vibration increases not only empowers them to have a life changing experience, it also creates a ripple effect that impacts others and the collective of human kind. 

Another important aspect of our time together during MindEnergetix training is the deep and significant personal transformation that comes with the safe and supported environment we will build for you.

We push the boundaries of hypnotherapy into the quantum era and offer a different approach. Our uniqueness is that we blend hypnosis with energy and consciousness to bring about powerful change -not just through embedded commands.

We welcome you to join us on this amazing journey.




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