About Us

Our History

Welcome to the MindEnergetix Institute
Formally Institute of Hypnoenergetics

Hypnoenergetics was created in 2010 under the the Institute of Energetic Transformation (IET). 


Colleen Dooley was a Co-Creator of Hypnoenergetics and Co-Founder of IET.


Colleen took over IET in 2014 and rebranded, launching the Institute of Hypnoenergetics. She continued to teach and evolve Hypnoenergetics for a further 3 years.


Due to the ever changing nature of energy the work has and will continue to change. It is very evident that we utilise the power of the four minds not only to heal but also to create. MindEnergetix is a natural evolution beyond Hypnoenergetics.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the greatest asset for a therapist is the discovery and embracing of his or her own journey. Our courses all embrace deep personal transformation, which then serves those who will come to us as we become practitioners. We support our students through diploma studies with the support of one of our highly skilled and experienced practitioners, as your personal coach.

At the conclusion of the course, we welcome new therapists into a supportive ongoing industry community while you build your business and link you into the relevant associations. We provide ongoing professional development, mentoring and supervision as required.

The MindEnergetix values underlying the energy we offer you and clients who are drawn to our modality are:

Authenticity     - We want you to discover and embrace exactly who you came here to be

Accountability - We take responsibility for ourselves, knowing what is ours to work with and what is not 
Openness        - We offer you a learning environment built on deep trust and connection through small intimate groups
Integrity           - We work ethically with every student, our industry connections and client relationships  
Service            - We teach and support our students in the energy of service
Success          - We support our graduates to succeed individually and in their business so they can touch the lives of more people
Respect           - We honour every person who comes to us, as having their own wisdom to share

Management Team                                       

Our Management Team consists of Colleen Dooley and Karen Bradley.


Colleen has been involved in the industry and practising as a therapist since 2004, and a teacher since 2010.


Colleen has a diverse set of skills and experience within human services and the corporate world.


Karen (Kaz) has been working with Colleen as her personal administrative assistant for a number of years.

We have a team of training assistance who are all trained in MindEnergetix and are operating their own practises.


Together, we bring a lot of experience, qualifications, know-how and talent to the MindEnergetix business.

We are committed to the world-wide development of the MindEnergetix modality.

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Teaching Team                                       

It is important to us that our faculty is made up of long term successful clinical practitioners who are inspired by the holistic hypnotherapy offered through Hypnoenergetics® - now MindEnergetix.


Each member of our teaching team has qualifications in Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy and other related energy modalities, and have been hand selected by us for the passion, energy and commitment to the world-wide development of the MindEnergetix modality.

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