Diploma Graduates 2018

Kate Diploma Testimonial

"From the moment I talked to Colleen on the phone, I knew that I was in the right place. I loved this course. It was everything I wanted and more. It was not only an amazing personal journey for me of learning and evolving throughout the course, I was also able to assist others on their healing journeys through the case studies that I did. My family has also benefited from me doing this course. It’s shifted relationships, cleared lineage energy that no longer serves and opened up hearts and minds within my family. This course isn’t just about learning how to be a MindEnergetix practitioner, it’s much more than that. You will come out of it transformed and the ripple effect that it will have on those in your life is profound. I loved this course!!!!!"

Kate, Vic - Diploma Graduate 2018

Melanie Diploma Testimonial

"My intention for becoming a MindEnergetix Practitioner was to expand my abilities and skills in order to address and support client’s to shift and heal underlying, unconscious emotional pain and energetic blocks. During the end of my training program as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and MindEnergetix Practitioner, it became very clear to me that my clients experienced profound shifts that far exceeded my expectations and theirs. I feel confident that I am able to provide, through this powerful modality, authentic transformational change for clients seeking help."

Lesley Thomas, AOD Counsellor Vic - Diploma Graduate 2018

"I enjoyed the course. The process/technique of MindEnergetix is fantastic. The coaching available is really great. I learnt a lot over the course about myself and how to work with clients to shift what is really holding them back. As soon as I enrolled in this course my life started to change in dramatic ways. Really big shifts, so much so that by the end of the course I was living in a different town and had physically removed a lot from my life that was holding me back (as well as emotionally and mentally). I was looking for something that incorporated all parts of human beings – spiritual, mental, physical and emotional and that’s what this is - a modality that encompasses all aspects. The changes to myself have not stopped – this was only the beginning of rapid transformation in my life. I didn’t realise how much I needed to clear, how much was holding me back and creating resistance in my life, how much I was getting in my own way! From all parts of this course, I have been moved along the process of uncovering and understanding myself. This really was a great course for my own development and expansion. I am a different person now with so much more understanding of life and who I am as a person and spiritual being. I could go on and on into more detail about how much this process has changed me and opened my eyes to consciousness and other levels of reality and awareness, but I think it’s enough to say that this was absolutely the best process to go through to not only help myself but learn how to help other people too. Thank you!"

Melanie, Vic Diploma Graduate - 2018

Elise Diploma Testimonial
Angela Diploma Testimonial

Past Life Regression Therapy Graduates 2018

Simone PLR Testimonial
Angela PLR Testimonial

"It was better than I thought. It wasn’t just ‘very good’, it was the most profound experiences of my life. I feel like I’m home. I really enjoyed this course and working in Past Life Soul state seems like a natural environment for me. I can’t wait to extend this to others, in particular clients and help them unfold to their full potential."

Angela, Vic - PLR Graduate 2018

"I feel that Colleen did an incredible job facilitating without a TA for this course. It would have been good to have a TA to assist and provide more support and a different perspective. However, I don’t feel that this took away from the training at all and you once again held the space beautifully."

Melanie, Vic - PLR Graduate 2018

"This course has provided me with so much insight, knowledge and experience. If you are looking at becoming a Past Life Regression Therapist – this is the course you want to do! Not only will it transform the way you work with your clients, you will also gain clarity around your own energetic imprints and will walk away having transformed yourself."

Simone, Vic - PLR Graduate 2018

Kate PLR Testimonial

"This course was fantastic. I loved it. I got a lot out of it personally and a lot out of it that I can use professionally too. It’s a fantastic experience. Really sacred work. I loved it and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn this modality from Colleen."

Kate, Vic - PLR Graduate 2018

Elise PLR Testimonial

"MindEnergetix for PLR is so easily integrated into the tool belt of a Hypnotherapist or MindEnergetix Practitioner. A beautiful gift to offer our clients. I’m looking forward to learning more about the journey of souls."

Elise, Vic - PLR Graduate 2018

Past Hypnoenergetics from our Diploma

Thank you for a very insightful and illuminating course.  You are truly visionary and supported by a wonderful team of teaching therapists.  It's an honour to be part of this MindEnergetix community."

Sasha Braganca - Advanced Diploma Graduate (Bridging) - 2018

"Colleen, I love watching you work.  You are so skilled at what you do.  Your respect, integrity and gentleness always shines through.  I am hugely grateful for my session and the release, relief and understanding that it gave me."

Joy - Advanced Diploma Graduate (Bridging) - 2018

"The modality MindEnergetix is life changing since it allows people to be empowered by their own truth & essence of who they are.  In a society of disconnect, this connection to self is more valuable than anything else."

Advanced Diploma Graduate (Bridging) - 2018

"Colleen has limitless patience, energy and passion for this beautiful modality.  I have nothing but gratitude and admiration for her."

Advanced Diploma Graduate (Bridging) - 2018

Past Hypnoenergetics Therapy Graduates

All of the below testimonials are from graduates of either our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics® - now MindEnergetix or our Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics® - now MindEnergetix.  If you would like to speak to one of our graduates please contact us.

"Dare to jump into the unknown! That's what I did. If you do, be prepared to meet yourself, the one that awaits you. The Self that has been sitting there, patiently or impatiently, deep under all that human conditioning that keeps you bound. Hypnoenergetics is that journey of healing to freedom to purpose. It enables you ever so gently, empowering you to break free with a light so bright that others are drawn towards it.  Warning! Hypnoenergetics will transform you, unfolding and de layering experientially in ways you could never imagine!!!  And then what an honour to be respectfully holding that space for others that are ready to meet themselves!!! Dare if you will! I did"

Josie, Grad Dip 



​"I believe life is about learning who we are – truly are. To really know ourselves we need to understand what’s behind our behaviour, thinking and feeling. To understand the beliefs we have made and most importantly to change the beliefs (and therefore the energy) that are holding us back. This is the ultimate empowerment.  This is what allows us to be our authentic self. To be in true alignment with our soul. If you feel the same way then Hypnoenergetics is the course for you. The course is primarily about knowing, understanding and healing ourselves. When we do - we can be of true service to others by assisting them to do the same. Hypnoenergetics gives you all this. And if that isn’t enough (!) The whole experience is supported in genuine love and respect by three very special trainers. I can honestly say that doing this course has been the most profound gift I have given myself. A HUGE thank you to Colleen, Sherree, Melissa and all my fellow students.     


Joy, Grad Dip 



​"Institute of Hypnoenergetics Clinical Hypnotherapy is an amazing hypnotherapy course because it is holistic and works to unlock and transform trapped emotion that may be limiting people on their purpose. This course has at its roots integrity, honesty and authenticity, and therefore has a huge self-development component. It truly does empower students to be the most they can be and also be an amazing Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics. I feel deep gratitude to Colleen, Melissa and Sherree for enabling this course and providing the opportunity. Having experienced profound shifts in myself as a result of this course, I now hope to assist people along their path".       


Sandra, Diploma 



"Hypnoenergetics in a few words on page wouldn’t do justice to it’s huge value. It holds enormous power which can transform millions of lives just through it’s simple and easy to use techniques. The course is beautifully constructed and it really helps to integrate all aspects which makes up the human condition. Colleen, Melissa and Sherree hold a beautiful space for everyone to evolve and grow at their own pace. I believe it has transformed me in a huge way and I am looking forward to this new journey and further transformation. I’m certainly going to use and implement all the techniques I’ve learned so as to help others find their purpose as a service to humanity and mankind. This is only the beginning."         


Rohini, Diploma



"I have studied many things in my life and his course/process has been the most wonderful I have experienced. I would recommend this process to anyone who wishes to and is ready for TRUE change, empowerment and growth. I feel very prepared, clear, clean and smiling."       


Kerry, Graduate Diploma 



“I feel very prepared to offer Hypnoenergetics®  to others. I love it and it works! Its very exciting, it is an honour and privilege to be able to be a witness to a souls journey. I will drop massage to concentrate on spiritual/holisitic counseling, energy work/healing and Hypnoenergetics®.”       


Sandra, Grad Dip

​“I feel excited to offer Hypnoenergetics® to others to be blessed with a tool/modality that has such a deep profound effect is so wonderful. It makes me feel alive and ready for an amazing journey. The life and work that no longer served me has been replaced by such love and light that it will have a profound effect on myself and others. I am able to both compassionately and authentically be of service in a way that is open and of utmost respect and do this with the courage I had been blinded from. My gratitude and appreciation are beyond words.”       


Bette, Grad Dip

"I am a Hypnotherapist.  My deepest wish is to assist any and every client to move more deeply into awareness of their own innate wisdom. So often in western psychology, the aim is to find out what is ‘wrong’ with someone. Hypnoenergetics® is different. The process and intent of it brings what to me is the very essence of what is called ‘self-empowerment’. It moves within and beyond processes and techniques to weave an experience that gently and clearly moves a client into their own deeper awareness, into their own deeper Wisdom.This brings into light what no longer serves, it’s source, and then moves beyond that in assisting the client in accessing their own capacity to release and heal what it is that no longer serves."

"The Hypnoenergetics® training is conducted in an atmosphere of deep respect, honouring all who attend. The theory is delivered, then a demonstration is offered, followed by the student’s own experience, both as a ‘client’ and practitioner. This approach teaches in a way that allows the theory and demonstration to come alive from within the student’s own experience. As experience is the best teacher, this adds meaning and understanding of the training and a heart held belief in what is being offered to future clients.

I had an amazing session where the weave allowed me to guide my client through a blend of regression, feelings bridge and soul voice, to retrieve wonderful, empowering feelings, release anxiety and fears and get in touch with her soul essence.

The most powerful and touching moment of the session was when my client was able to communicate with her late sister at a soul level, receiving messages that will allow her to move forward in her life today. Hypnoenergetics® allows my sessions to live and breathe as I follow my client's energy on the most beautiful and rewarding journeys."         



"Hypnoenergetics®, in words alone? As a privileged student of what I feel to be the future of hypnotherapy, and also as a practitioner, I have witnessed incredible journeys take place, profound changes and shifts unfold before me with a gentle intensity that beckons belief - the transformation is real, it is immediate and most of all it impacts in such a positive way that the shift is felt not only by those directly experiencing the session, but also those around them as it ripples out into the lives of all that they touch. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this energetic evolution in Hypnotherapy."         

Dave, NZ

"I embarked upon the Diploma of Hypnoenergetics with the feeling that it'd be good for my personal growth. My background is analytical and I wasn't sure if I had what it took to be a Hypnoenergetics Practitioner. Many of the other students were already practising a natural therapy, but I discovered everyone had something different to offer. And fortunately the modality of Hypnoenergetics is so powerful that all of us facilitated successful sessions from the first case study. That success gave me absolute confidence in the modality. Observing the demonstrations, completing the case studies and the personal coaching were key to us becoming competent. From a personal growth viewpoint, it's a powerful course. Being part of a group of people all working together to clear their inner most selves is sacred. All members of our wonderful group, including Colleen, Sherree and Evelyn, were incredibly supportive.

​So, for anyone considering the Diploma of Hypnoenergetics, I highly recommend it whether you're already a practising healer, you wish to learn an evolved and powerful form of Hypnotherapy or you're solely interested in the life-changing personal growth that comes with it.


Sally Gould

​​I really feel our journey is still only beginning, and that is a very pleasant thought! I will always want to be a part of something which offers such profound life enhancing change for people, creating the space for people to grow, realise and fully embrace their purpose for this life! "         


Sharon, NZ

"This is a very well held space to assist in helping clients shift energy, refrain past experiences, develop new learning and challenge beliefs. I truly believe that the skills learned at this course are essential to all healing practices and I have no issue recommending this work to anyone who really wants to help people move past their trauma.  The case studies and feedback really helped me feel prepared to help clients."           




"Really Beautifully Done!!”       




"It has been so deeply profound to have been held in a beautiful space of love, respect and knowing. Colleen,Sherree and Melissa are three special people that create that in itself to allow for healing, growth, insights and the courage to explore.The spiritual and personal care of all the leaders created a supportive group. This course facilitated lots of healing and growth. Thank you for sharing and always holding space for us." 




The MindEnergetix curriculum encompasses many different techniques to help people overcome, heal and release their issues, ailments or traumas. 

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